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I'm unsettledink, here and pretty much every where. This journal also cross posts to LJ and I will attempt to keep up with tumblr as well. I've come crawling back after tumblr's implosion and LJ's decline. Most of the older entries are locked; if interested, access can be granted. You can find all my fic at AO3 under the same name.

At the moment (2019) I'm slowly dipping back into fandom after shifting back into lurkerdom for some time. My interests are varied and my fandoms are many. Please feel free to comment, message, or otherwise contact me with any passing thought you may have. While I am not great at promptly replying, I am always interested in discovering new potential friends. If you'd like pics of my cats and commentary on small victories, my instagram is also unsettledink.

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a cappella, arcade fire, archy/johnny, art nouveau, asimov's robots, aziraphale/crowley, babbling, ballroom dancing, beading, bj/hawkeye, black and white film, blackwood/coward, body of lies, castle, cats, chad/ryan, challenges, chekov/sulu, cheshire cat, chess the musical, chesshire cat, coldplay, cooking, costuming, crown duel, david grey, demon's lexicon, despicable me, diana wynn jones, diane duane, discworld, dog grooming, donovan/powell, doppelgangs, dreamcatchers, dwayne/frank, earrings, eclectic, edward gorey, edward norton, edward steichen, edwardian, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, firefly, flailing, fool's run, frederick mas, gerald morris, gordon lightfoot, greek, hani/roger, hans matheson, hatter/knave, henry mancini, holmes/watson, horses, house, howard pyle, inception, incest, jack/black pearl, kick ass, kink memes, kinuko craft, kirk/spock/bones, lawrence watt evans, lestrade, little miss sunshine, m.a.s.h., mark strong, meredith ann pierce, mika, miniatures, mirrormask, montmorencey, monty python, muse, myst, mythology, nail polish, neal shusterman, needlepoint, neverwhere, nickelback, nightside, noncon, old movies, opulence, organization, origami, ottoman empire, patrica c wrede, patricia mckillip, pbs, penelope, pentangle, photography, pirates, podfic, pushing daisies, rdj, reading, refashioning, regina spektor, renaissance fairs, riddick, riddick/vaako, robin mckinley, robots, rocknrolla, rps, scarves, science fiction, sewing, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkel, simon r green, singing, slash, sparrow/norrington, springbok puzzles, squeeing, squicks, stage managing, steampunk, terry pratchett, the illusionist, the jolly rogers, the long firm, the prestige, the raven ring, the thief, the winter prince, theatre, threesomes, tim burton, titan ae, tony/jarvis, travel, treasure planet, victorian, vw beetles, wheel of time, wicked, word girl, writing, yellow submarine, yo yo ma
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